Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What's going on this week...

We just received an update email from Arthur, so I thought I would do a quick post going over the plan for the week (straight from his email - all credit goes to Arthur for writing the info below):

"Structural support lower level:  We have the engineer’s letter and today we are cutting the slab for two (2) 2x2x1.5’ footings which will support the LVL beams which are transferring the weight which currently rests on the three round steel posts.  Once we dig the holes and put rebar in, we will call for a footing inspection.  The earliest that we will get the inspection is tomorrow.  Then we will fill the holes with cement, install double studs or posts, and run the LVLs from a point directly above the footings to the foundation wall where they will be attached by a hanger that sits directly on the block wall.

Post and rail fence:  It’s being finished today, except for the wire mesh.  Due to roots and rocks the top of the top rail is at about 54”, a little over the planned 48”.  We can trim the bottom of the posts but then would have to treat each with a preservative.  Still will use a wire mesh to keep animals in or out. (Sidenote - this is the fence that is going along the back of the property - right by the creek)

Plumbing:  Can’t finish the rough in until structural supports are installed lower level.  When supports are done we’ll finish cutting the slab as needed and then call for the plumbing inspection.  Once plumbing inspection is passed (the wait is up to three business days for this) we’ll fill in the trenches and get back to framing.

Windows:  Will now be delivered tomorrow and installed Thursday, a delay of one day.

Brick work:  Although the guys filled in one former window today they can’t do the rest until we pass the framing inspection.  That will be toward the end of next week.

This week will be fairly slow but once we get the basement slab put back together we’ll pick up speed again."

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