Saturday, March 12, 2011

New Windows!

Weeks are very busy around here so most of our posting will probably get done on weekends.  Between working, studying, trying to sell House #1, and making decisions regarding House #2, during the week we are left with a very small amount of spare time.  Luckily (now that all our projects on House #1 are done), we have some free time to update on the weekend.

So here is an update regarding what House #2 is looking like now.  The major changes include:

Windows Installed

Fence Work:

Work on the stairwell:

And just because I like this picture, here is the view from the window in our master bedroom  (ignore the scaffolding - that's definitely temporary).  I can't wait to wake up to this!  (And how nice is it that the closest house is far away.  The back of our house definitely feels private).

This weekend we'll be deciding on exterior paint colors (instead of the color we originally chose) because I believe brick work and exterior painting will be done next week.  More pictures coming in the next week or so!

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