Sunday, March 13, 2011

Theft, Hard Wood Floors, Paint Colors, and Master Bathtub

There's a lot to update on House #2 - all from our trip out to the house yesterday afternoon!  We'll start off with the most frustrating issue:

Unfortunately, late last week (probably Thursday or Friday night) someone stole several things from the house.  The largest (literally) were two bathtubs that we had saved from demolition.  We were planning on refinishing them since they are good quality bathtubs and would work well in the house (for the guest baths).  And apparently they are extremely heavy (according to Arthur) so it would have been quite the feat to steal them (meaning it was definitely more than one person, and probably more than two were needed to carry them out of the house).  Also missing were some building materials.

Rather disappointing, but hopefully won't happen again.  Now that windows are installed, the house should be more secure (even though they did what they could each day to make it secure before leaving).  We've also got all the neighbors on the lookout so perhaps that will help.

The positive side to this is that, despite the tubs being gone, at least we hadn't refinished them yet.  Which was going to cost about the same amount as buying new tubs.  So there's not much of an impact on the budget from the tubs.  However, the ones that were already in there were better quality than what we can buy new, so what we get won't be quite as good.  It'll be fine though.

Now on to happier things...

Hardwood Floors
The hardwood floors on the main level were being installed yesterday!  They should be finished today, and I'm not sure when they'll actually be stained, but I doubt that'll happen soon.  Here's a picture of the progress:

Master Bathtub
Our master bath was delivered.  Here it is:

Paint Colors:
We finally decided on our alternate exterior paint color.  Here's some samples (the light is really hard to get a good idea of what they look like - sorry!)

We painted both of our options on the back of the house to try to see what they would look like.  They are both similar to the original color we had picked, but darker.

We painted them again, against the original color we had chosen.

They look very similar, but we ended up going with C (the one on the left in the first picture and the bottom one in the second picture).  It's a color called Cyberspace by Sherwin Williams.  The white trim color we picked out looks good and we're sticking with it, and we're also planning on sticking with a yellow front door.  We'll look at more options when it gets time to decide that.

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  1. It is so fun to follow your progress! I love the colors you picked out!