Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bathroom vanity issues

So we have already been learning that you can't always get exactly what you want.  We had picked out our bathroom vanities based on the dimensions we were under the assumption would work (seen here).  Unfortunately, we learned that the vanity we had picked for the upstairs guest bath was too big.  I wasn't happy to hear this because I'd already gotten really excited about the one we had chosen (If you don't remember, it was this one:)

But we found another one we like, a little bit smaller, and that will fit much better in the space.  And it was even less expensive (money saved in one area is always great!  Because there are definitely areas where we go a little over budget).  Here is the one we have picked out to replace that one:

The wood looks a little more red in the picture than it does in person.  We had narrowed this vanity down between another one at Costco, or this one at Lowes.  This one was about 2" wider - and we thought that small amount of extra counter top space would be appreciated by guests - and I really like the drawers.  I also thought the black granite top would go well with the slate tile we hope to put down in that bathroom.  And I had really liked the hardware in the original vanity we had picked out, so I plan to find some similar hardware and replacing what comes with this vanity.  We might actually end up doing that for most of the vanities, but that will be an extra project we'll do ourselves. The picture I have in my head for this bathroom is very similar to our current bath - slate tile floor, white subway tile in the bath/shower combo.  We haven't gotten around to that point yet so it could always end up changing, but we'll see.

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