Sunday, March 6, 2011

House #2 Update

There is still a lot going on over at House #2.  I think currently we're waiting on an inspection before we can keep  moving, but they have been working HARD to get it to this point.

This is what the front of the house looks like now.

Closer up of the entryway.  I really like the arch and it makes it feel pretty wide and open.

The fence to the right side of our house is going up! (There's Arthur working on it).  The fence to left is already up thanks to Amy and Jay :)

Side area of the house

Another view of the side of the house.  Yes, that is the paint that has started to go on (just in a few spots).  No, we don't like it as much as we had hoped.  It's a little too blue. So we've got a couple of other colors we're going to paint spots on the house to try.  They're darker, still have blue in them, but less bright.  

And this is what the back of our house currently looks like.  You can see where all the future windows are going!

I think the plan for this week is get the brick work done, windows in, and exterior painted.  That will go a long way in making the house look done!

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