Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Busy Weekend

As we've mentioned before, we're planning on selling our current house.  The goal is to put it on the market in about a month - which leaves us with a lot to do in a small amount of time!

This weekend we went through our house room by room and made a detailed list of everything we want to do before putting it on the  market.  It's quite a long list, so we felt the pressure to get started.  And that's what we did - most of the weekend was spent doing small home improvement projects.

Kyle's Dad came up on Saturday and helped him install closet doors in our Master Bedroom and the Office.  Both closets had really old, improperly working, ugly doors on them when we first moved in.  We took the doors off when we did closet revamps about a year ago and have lived without closet doors since.  Not on purpose, of course.  We just never got around to it (like everything else on our To Do list!)

(Please excuse the quality of the photos - I snapped them quickly on Sunday)

Here are the closet doors right after being installed:

On Sunday we got busy painting the doors.... here's what the house looks like thanks to that project.... (clothes everywhere!)

Unfortunately, we still don't have any "After" shots yet.  The second coat is done on both sets of doors, but it's looking like we need a third coat :(

A few other small projects we worked on....

 New towel hook in the bathroom

Got a bunch of boxes from Kyle's office and started putting them together - the goal is to go ahead and put a lot of our stuff in storage now.  Hopefully the house will look much more organized with less clutter around! 

Finally took the mirror off of our linen closet.  It was old and warped and dirty - and somehow we never managed to spend the 3 minutes it took to take it down. 

Since the clothes were all pulled out of my closet I went ahead and sorted out bags full of clothes to give away.  

And Kyle installed a new doorbell.

All of the weekends in February are currently booked for house projects (except for a trip I'm taking to Nashville - leaving Kyle all alone to be productive!)  Hopefully we can find the time to get everything done while working and studying.  I'll try to keep updating here so we can remember all that we did.  And I'll post with final "Who Wants to Buy Our Awesome House?" pictures at the end of the month....

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