Friday, February 18, 2011

Entryway clean-up

Unfortunately, I'm home today with a fever.  I should be on my way to Nashville with some of my best friends to meet the newest baby in our group (2-month-old Wendy) but, alas, I can't put her in danger of catching what I have.  So I thought I would catch up with everything that has been going on at House #1 (the current house) and House #2 (the new house) by making a few blog posts.

Since it's already almost another weekend, I thought it was time for a quick update on what we worked on last weekend to spruce House #1 up:

I know it doesn't look like much but it definitely looks better.  We painted the black railings and painted the white trim around the door.  The railings were peeling pretty badly and you could pretty much see every single color they had ever been painted (blue, green, orange, and black of course).  Now, even if they still aren't perfectly smooth, they are all one color.  And it looks much better.  The white trim around the door was disgusting and could barely be called white anymore.  It was very dirty - but now it's bright and clean!  Our goal here isn't to make anyone think "Wow, I loved their entryway", but to make sure no one remembers the entryway for the WRONG reasons.  We don't want anyone leaving and thinking "man, that front door area was a mess".  Hopefully we've done our job!

We'll have a lot more updates after this weekend.  Kyle's brother is coming in town to help him get a lot done.  And we definitely still have a lot to do....

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