Saturday, February 5, 2011

The joys of red tape

The past two weeks have been a bit backward - lots of work on our current home but nothing happening on the new one since we have been waiting on a permit for the deck.  This was supposed to be a quick approval, which quickly turned into a simple administrative variance and now appears to be a full fledged ordeal.  Since we don't have the 2 months needed to wait for a hearing (isn't bureaucracy lovely?), we will come back to the deck later and move forward without it for now.

Monday should bring about a building permit (sans deck) which will allow us to get on to the fun stuff - demolition (cue manly sounds and triumphal music).  Pictures to come.  We met with the contractors on Friday to go through a litany of small but important decisions like copper vs. CPVC plumbing and the like, but also to figure out what needed to be saved from the sledgehammer-wielding gentlemen soon to be descending on our home.  As compulsive researchers, we're finding it tough to make decisions about things we have no real knowledge of but are managing to get through; it's certainly a learning experience.

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