Sunday, February 27, 2011

Framing in progress...

On Friday, my parents and my brother came over to see the house and see the progress being made.  They've started framing (and they were also working yesterday and today - so they've probably made even more progress!).  Here are a few pictures of the progress.... (not the best quality - the sun was starting to set)

 The pantry

 Upstairs guest bath

The master closet and the dining area to the right of it

The entryway into the living areas.  To the left is a coat closet and to the right is the master closet

Kitchen area

Downstairs looking at the future garage and standing in the future bedrooms

More of the work downstairs - looking at the staircase that is staying to the far left

Looking at the master bedroom to the right (I think...)

Notice that the two large trees flanking the front are gone.  Also, the extra door has been moved and the front door we'll use has been relocated.  We also made the entryway porch a little smaller.

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