Saturday, January 29, 2011

Kitchen Inspiration

We are currently waiting on the permit that will allow work to begin on the house, so I thought I would do a quick post on the kitchen that is the inspiration behind our future kitchen.

I saw this kitchen on House Beautiful:

I love everything about this kitchen: the colors, the layout, the appliances (although there is no way our appliances will be as nice as these).  I kept thinking about a kitchen layout with two islands and couldn't stop thinking about how we could get that in our house.  So I drew up a floorplan that included two islands and a large pantry.  The next step was to convince Kyle that our kitchen should include two islands and to see what what the architect and Ann thought about the idea.

After we sat down with both Ann and the architect, we were convinced that its a great idea.  If you look back at the floorplan, you'll notice that we have two islands with an approximate size of 6.5'x3', along with about 15 feet of cabinetry and countertops on the side wall (which includes the range and the fridge).  We also have a large (5'x11') pantry and a huge window behind the islands.  One of the islands has the sink and dishwasher in it, and the other island is large countertop space with seating at a bar area.  Thanks to the islands, we are also able to get the extra light from the large window, and with the large pantry we are able to get the storage we'd be missing from the upper cabinets.

I can't wait to start cooking and baking in the new kitchen... perhaps we'll have everyone over for a nice big housewarming meal once it's all done.


  1. I noticed that on your floorplan and I was wondering about it cuz it seemed strange. Now with this picture I can totally see why you'd want that. it looks awesome! Plus that whole counter with the stools will be great as a breakfast type area since y'all aren't going to have like an official kitchen table AND formal dining room.

  2. that sink faucet is out of control though.. you think you'll get one that big?!

  3. I like it. But who knows what we actually get - that one is probably outrageously expensive.

  4. LOVE it!!! I can't wait for that dinner party. :)