Monday, January 24, 2011


Finally.... we have floorplans!

I have spent more hours the last couple of months drawing on graph paper than I care to admit. It was a huge puzzle to me - see if we can get everything we want in this house. (I like puzzles and I like a challenge) Luckily we had the opportunity to work with an architect who took our ideas and improved upon them. I'm very excited about how they turned out.

First, the current floorplan. We had a large part in putting together the current floorplan of the house - including measuring in the very cold and very dark house with flashlights. Not a fun experience but it saved us some money by not hiring someone else to do the measuring. The architect took our measurements, went out to the house and did some double checking to make sure we measured correctly, and put the current plan down on paper.

Click on the pictures to get a better view.


And of course, the proposed floorplan.  You'll notice that the house will have 4 bedrooms and three bathrooms, and open floorplan for the living areas, and a den and laundry room downstairs.  It pretty much has everything we wanted.  So excited!


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