Saturday, January 22, 2011

Before Pictures

Meg here... The day after we closed on the house we made it a point to get out there and try to take some good "Before" pictures.  Its hard to look at these pictures and imagine the finished product because it will be so incredibly different, but we want to remember where we started.  So here they are:

 Front of the house - we will get rid of the large bushes, paint the house, and change the entry to just one door

 View of the street from the front doors

 Living space as you walk into the left side - this is about where our foyer will be.  Some of that space will also be taken up by the master closet and bathroom


 Bedroom at the front left of the house - will become a guest bedroom

 Left side staircase (this is the staircase we'll be keeping - but it will look different!)

 Back left bedroom - this is where the Master bedroom will be.  We're going to probably add some french doors that go out to the deck

 Left side bathroom - This is the general area of the master bath

 Downstairs now - the living area on the left side - this is generally where two bedrooms will be with a hall in between.

 Downstairs left side living area

 Downstairs left side kitchen (anyone need a fridge?)

 Downstairs left side room (will become a large den)

 Utility Room - The Laundry room will be in this general area (finally - a separate laundry room!)

Downstairs half-bath (will become a full bath) 

 Now on to the right side... Living area when you walk in

 Right side living area - this is where our living room will be

 View of the backyard from upstairs - this is the view the deck will have

 Right set of stairs - will be demolished

 Right side bedroom - about where the dining room will be.

 Right side bathroom - the large pantry will be in this area

 Right side other bedroom - kitchen will be in this area

 Downstairs right side living area - will become garage space

 Right side kitchen 

 Crazy neighbors... did we mention my sister lives next door?

 Utility room - will become garage storage and another utility room

 Right side downstairs half bath - utility room/garage storage will take this space over

 Backyard after walking out of the downstairs door

 One side of the fence is up... Thanks neighbors!

 View of the back of the house - picture a large deck 

 A deck kinda like this one.... the finished house next door

View of the other side of the back yard.


  1. Love all the pictures! So excited to see what happens :)

  2. Meg--Looks like you all are in for a big adventure. Looking forward to the pictures...