Sunday, May 29, 2011

More tile

We had more tile-work done this weekend, including the kitchen backsplash and the fireplace surround.

It took us about one minute to decide on the kitchen backsplash.  Originally I had really wanted carrera marble subway tiles, but after we picked out our granite I didn't think it would go very well.  The granite resembles carrera marble too much that it might end up clashing with actual marble.  Instead, we went the cheaper route to try and make up for the over-budget countertops.  We picked a simple white porcelain subway tile backsplash.  It's classic and simple, and goes well with our countertops and cabinets.

(The wood on the left island is just a placeholder)

The fireplace tile was also installed.  This was a pretty easy decision as well - my sister actually originally saw these tiles at Lowes and told me we should use it as a backsplash long before we'd started to pick anything out.  I loved the tiles, but after we decided we wanted a fireplace tile surround, I thought they'd go better there. 

The plan is to get all of our final inspections done this week while they work on other finishing details.  We're still planning on moving in June 11 - less than 2 weeks away!

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  1. awesome! Great choice on the classic white backsplash. it looks great. Very unique and interesting tile on the fireplace! Love!