Saturday, April 9, 2011

Insulation and Brick Work

The new house is almost free of inspections until everything is completed! (Thank goodness - they really slow things down).  We just have one more inspection to pass before everything gets to move forward - the insulation inspection.  Insulation was completed yesterday and the inspection is scheduled for Monday.  After that, drywall will begin!

Here are some pictures of the insulated house.  I know, all these pictures are starting to look the same.  But pretty soon it'll all begin to look like a house instead of a construction zone.  I hope.

(Kitchen/Dining area)

(Upstairs Guest Bedroom)

(Master bath)

(Downstairs guest bedroom)

(Downstairs Den)

And the other big thing that has been completed is the exterior brick work.  From the street it actually looks like a house!  I thought it'd be fun to show a Before and Current picture so you can see the difference:



Our poor front yard has really taken a beating.  We'll add landscaping to the list of things we eventually want to do.  But considering that we never actually made it to landscaping our current house, I'm not sure how long it will take for us to landscape the new house.  Hopefully quicker :)  

We're headed out in a bit to pick out our tile, so I'll try to get some good pictures and post about our plans later on.  Not sure when that will happen since we'll be studying allllll afternoon (my test is less than a month away!)  But I'll try to find the time.

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