Monday, April 18, 2011

Bathroom Renovation

I posted a picture earlier of our current bathroom, torn apart.  Why did we do this?

Basically, because it appears no one wants to buy a house with only one bathroom.  We've had several people come look at our house and they have all said they really like the house but they really want two bathrooms.  After talking to Ann about the different options, we decided it would be best to go ahead and turn our bathroom into two bathrooms.  The whole project is only taking a week to finish, so we don't even have to take it off the market.  (We even had one person come look at it last Friday, in the midst of the mess).

The goal from this project, of course, is to bring more people in to the house (those who are only looking at houses with two bathrooms), get more money for the house once someone does make an offer, and hopefully get an offer sooner than we would have.  So, it's quite an inconvenience, but will hopefully pay off.

Here are a few more in-progress pictures:

So this is looking into what will be the master bathroom. The framing is where the wall will be.  We kept our current bathtub/shower in the same place as it was originally, and we moved the toilet from the area to the right of that door (that goes into the master bedroom) to underneath the window (where it is in this picture).  You can kind of seem the plumbing where the pedestal sink will be, diagonally across from the toilet.

This is the best I could do of the other bathroom.  We took out ("we" being the people we are paying to do it - we would take way too long and definitely don't have the time right now) the vanity that was to the left of the door.  It was too big for either of our new bathrooms.  The area on the right is where the new shower is going to be.  It is where our coat closet used to be.  A pedestal sink is going to the left of the door (you can see the base there), and the toilet will be across from the door.

And here's a shot of what used to be the coat closet.  The drywall will be finished tomorrow I believe, and painting will happen on Wed. or Thurs.  It will just be a blank wall and no one will ever know that it used to be a closet!  Unfortunately, we don't have a good place to put all our coats since my sister's garage is already full of our stuff.  So right now all our coats are in my trunk.

(Sorry the picture is sideways - I just don't feel like fixing it now).  Here's part of one of the pedestal sinks.  We found it on craigslist for a pretty good deal.  We'll probably be buying the other one from Home Depot or Lowes.

Arthur is in charge of everything with the bathrooms, so we haven't had to do too much work (thank goodness).  Both of the new bathrooms will be pretty small but I'm surprised that they actually feel bigger than I would have thought.  About average size of bathrooms in this neighborhood.

So that's what is currently going on in our house.  I'm ready to be done with all of this craziness.  My test is in only 2.5 weeks so I kind of feel like I'm losing my mind at times.  But it will all be over soon!

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  1. wow.. man there is so much going on! that's a good idea with the bathroom. I hope it works out!