Saturday, April 2, 2011

Exterior Doors!

I'm really bad at thinking of titles for these blog posts...  I have a topic in mind, and then realize that putting that as the title of a blog post is probably the most boring and mundane title ever.  So... sorry if the titles just aren't very intriguing.... they probably won't get any better :)

Not a lot of progress was made this week except that we passed a lot of important inspections (which really is good progress).  According to Arthur we have passed the following inspections: Structural footing, Low Voltage rough, Electrical rough, Plumbing rough, and HVAC rough.  Our Structural inspection is scheduled for Monday and after that work will pick up.

The plan for next week is insulation, drywall, brick repair and exterior paint.  It's hard to believe that next week the drywall is going up and it will actually start feel like a house.

Nevertheless, a few things have happened in this past week, mainly the installation of our exterior doors:

Front Door - it will eventually be painted yellow

Back door that goes into the garage

Back door the leads from the hallway in between the downstairs bedrooms to the backyard. (sorry the picture is slightly crooked).

And the fireplace itself was installed:
Our plan for the fireplace includes tiling around the sides and above the fireplace, with a simple mantel where that block of wood is.  We'll hang some kind of artwork above the mantle (hopefully).

House #1 is still on the market... we're getting traffic through the house, so that's good.  It's hard just not knowing what will happen with it - when it will sell, how much it will sell for, etc.  But we're just doing our best to keep it in great shape and trusting that the right person will come along at the right time.  We know how great our house is and how much we have loved it, and we know someone else will see that.  Just don't know when.

But this weekend we aren't worrying about either house (or doing our best not to) and are out of town visiting our much-missed doggy, Roland:

He is EXHAUSTED from the weeks he has spent at my parents' house playing with their dog, Lonny.  Whenever he comes back home with us (hopefully soon!), he will probably need to recover from all the excitement of having another dog as a constant companion.  We picked him up on our way down to Kyle's parents' house and I think he is going through withdrawal and doggy depression from being taken away from Lonny.  I'm sure he'll be happy tomorrow when he is reunited with Lonny, although he'll probably be thinking "You're leaving me again?"  Hopefully not for long, Roland.

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